ne solution isn't right for everyone. After all, you didn't write your book or build your business from a template—so why should you have to settle for a website, cover, or press release that's been used dozens of times?

Wind River Press's unique, professional designs that are matched to your personality and produced to your specifications, all at a reasonable cost. No job is to big or too small, and the project isn't complete until you are satisfied with the result.

[Wind River Press] has been very patient, understanding and giving. [The designer] has respected my opinions, given them great care and thought and has been determined to somehow make them all work; if they cannot work, she explains the reasoning thoroughly and in terms that any lay person could understand. Sometimes I cannot put into words what my thoughts wish the site to convey—she takes that matter into her own hands unquestioningly and gently molds my dreams into reality—like magic. It takes a lot of the stress off of me, and knowing that she is actually having fun doing it makes one feel like they had a part in the creation also. I don't think any other designer would take the time to ask for my input—she is personable and just cares. Anyone who visits the site will see that and come back again.

—Aaron LaFlora

Wind River Press takes pride in using the industry's most respected tools. World-class applications like Adobe's InDesign and Photoshop and Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Freehand, Fireworks, and Flash are used expertly to produce web and print ready files.

Download Portfolio in PDF
Includes samples from Wind River books, sales sheets, and web designs. Coming Soon!
Book Design
Print and electronic design cover and interior design to your specifications.
Web Design
Specializing in corporate and individual designs with an eye toward the creative and unusual.
Corporate Identity
Identity kits, press kits, and more, all custom designed to your specifications.
Graphic Mechanic
A subscription-based service for businesses and individuals with design related questions, or who require assistance with day-to-day projects. Coming Soon!